• BA 680 INJ
  • BA 680/INJ


  • Automatic socketing machines, working on the extrusion line, suitable for PP and PE double or single wall corrugated and ULTRARIB pipes ranging from min. length 1.000 to 6.000 mm (up to 12.000 mm on request).
  • Socket forming: by injection right on the pipe.
  • Key features of the socket:
    - it is perfectly welded, mechanically stable, aesthetically appealing, has a uniform, regular and homogenous shape.
    - Tolerances and characteristics: according to EN 13476.
    - Absolute dimension stability all time long, even if it is exposed to any environmental temperatures.
  • Repeatability of the process regardless of the features of the raw materials and of their different formulations.
  • No effect on the socket due to any pipe ovalisation.
  • Possibility to customize the socket shape.
  • Possibility to thicken the socket wall on request.
  • Possibility to socket pipes of different materials (PP and PE) on the same machine just by replacing the moulds.
  • High output to exploit the speed of the modern corrugation lines at the most.
  • Main advantages of the system when compared to the traditional ones (fitting joining by friction).
  • No production rejects due to any wrong welding of the fitting on the pipe.
  • Neither time nor money waste to find out any defective welded fitting.
  • No need for fitting storage, resulting in remarkable room saving.
  • No manual handling or feeding.
  • Release from any sub - supplier for the purchase of the fittings.
  • Use of just one gasket rather than two as needed by fittings.
  • Saving on raw material (when the fitting is inline shaped by the corrugator, it is double long).
  • Quicker system as no slowing down of the extrusion speed is required.
  • More reliable joining following to removal of the trimming of the pipe internal wall.
  • No restraint concerning the pipe lengths to be produced (while inline socketing by the corrugator provides predetermined lengths only)
  • More stable socket since there is no shrinkage at all due to the “memory effect” of the raw material.
  • Increased output capacity.
  • Few rejects.
type ø mm
BA 500/INJ 110 - 500
BA 680/INJ 160 - 680
BA 900/INJ 200 - 900
BA 1200/INJ 315 -1200

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