• Gasket inserters to automatically insert rubber gaskets in socketed pipes or in the cavity among pipes’ corrugations.  
  • Working in or out of the extrusion line.
  • The machine - which has been designed to eliminate a particularly difficult and straining manual operation which in case of big pipe diameters has even to be performed by more than one operator - consists in:
    - a gasket store with several sections to increase machine’s autonomy
    - a special group for the picking up and automatic insertion of the gasket in the previously programmed cavity
    - warning lamp which alerts the operator when the gasket store is empty
    - safety protections and bonnet according to CE norms.
type O.D. mm.
IGC 500 110 - 500
IGC 680 160 - 680
IGC 900 200 - 900
IGC 1200 315 - 1200

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